• Offshore Company Incorporation in details

    Offshore Company Incorporation in details

    Learn how you can incorporate your company in the major offshore jurisdictions all around the globe
  • Offshore Bank Accounts

    Offshore Bank Accounts

    We can help to open real offshore accounts with the major banks all around the globe
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100% Online Incorporation of your Company

No need to visit our office or the country you choose to incorporate your company, all steps are done online by e-mail or skype!

Offshore Bank Accounts

All bank accounts are opened online through our introduction to the banks, there will be no need to visit the bank nor the country!

Asset and Privacy Protection

We help you to protect your privacy and assets in a manner so no creditors, lenders or others may ever get access to your assets or private data!

Incorporate your Company from your desktop...
...or from your tablet...
or directly from your mobile!
  • Offshore Incorporation
  • Offshore Banking
  • Privacy Packages

Depending on what exactly you are looking for or what the goals are you seek we are always able to help you with the right offshore company setup that fit's best your needs.


Offshore Company 365 has partnered with different offshore banks all around the globe in order to provide you with the most stable and powerful banks available.

IBAN Account

Tailor made Asset and Privacy Protection packages with your Offshore company Incorporation from professionals with more than 15 Years of Experience. Get a strong Offshore Incorporation for your business.

Offshore Incorporations
Offshore Bank Accounts
Complete Privacy and Asset Protection
Offshore Trusts and Foundations
  • "Smart Offshore Incorporation for professionals in e-Business."

    I struggled for a long time to find the right Agent for my e-Business site. Offshore Company 365 was exactly what I was looking for to get my Offshore company Incorporated and to get my business up and running quickly and easily. I love it!

    They helped us with our Offshore Formation fast and things got sorted out online Martin McDouglas
  • "A proactive Firm with years of experience in the Offshore Formation..."

    I regularly start new e-businesses and for each of my site's I ensure that it remains unique and separated from my other business. Offshore Company 365 offers a easy to incorporate offshore package with all the standard services I've come to expect with a new company formation.

    We were searching for some Internet Offshore Incorporation service and found this company Jerry Andrews
  • "An Impressive work they are doing at Offshore Company 365 the Uniqueness..."

    Offshore Company 365 has a series of introductory offshore banks available when you scroll through the page. They add frequently new services and offshore jurisdiction to cover all their clients needs, whilst not detracting from the client's experience.

    We needed a solution for both Offshore Company and Bank Account in one package Sam Santiago
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